Total Repair FR, located in Nara City, Japan, specializes in automobile interior repair and aluminum wheel repair.


   We are constantly improving our auto interior repair and aluminum wheel repair services to achieve a level of quality that other stores cannot match.

   Because of the quality of our repair work, customers who have scratched their newly purchased cars choose us for repair.

  Car interior repair requires well-trained skills and attention to detail. The interior of your car is where you, your family, and your customers see the most every day. Even the slightest color difference or unevenness cannot be overlooked. Total Repair FR's materials for car interiors and leather goods repairs have been developed to have the greatest affinity with leather goods. The process starts with careful cleaning, and then tears, scratches, peeling, and fading are repaired with a delicate technique that is smooth and does not show shade of light, to achieve a perfect finish and attend to the strongest condition.


 Total Repair FR can provide you with the genuine leather repair, moquette seat repair, and interior repair that you are looking for.

 If the ceiling of your car is peeling off, it is better to reupholster it as soon as possible without hesitation. We have done this in our store. The peeling will not stop. Temporary fixing is also dangerous as it may interfere with driving. There are many cases of melted urethane falling from the ceiling and staining the seats.


 The cost of repairing a wheel is only a few thousand yen if it is just to paint it so that it is not visible. However, if the customer wants the same strength and appearance as the original quality of the wheel after the repair, we do not recommend just doing a cheap repair. The breakdown of the price is the number of processes and the breakdown of quality. If you want a real repair, we recommend you to have it done at our store. Silver wheels, diamond cut wheels, hyper wheels, and polished wheels can all be repaired beautifully while maintaining quality.  




 It is natural to think that if you are going to pay a lot of money for an interior or a wheel, it is better to replace it with a new one.


 On the other hand, repairs and repairs that cost as little as possible but maintain the same quality as before are sincerely recommended from the viewpoint of taking good care of things. It is out of the question, however, if there is a repair service that adds unnecessary labor and costs, it is not for the benefit of the customer.




 If you have found a scratch on the interior of your car and want to have it repaired, or if you have scratches on your aluminum wheels, please contact Total Repair FR, a store that specializes in customer-oriented repairs and repairs.


 We also offer counseling on customization, so please feel free to contact us.

Automobile interior, leather goods repair

We repair scratches on car interiors such as steering wheels, dashboards, leather and moquette seats as if they were never there. We can repair the interior of any car, whether it is a domestic car, foreign car, or old car. We can also repair leather goods such as sofas, bags, and shoes, etc. We use a wide range of restoration techniques to repair cigarette holes on seats, peeling colors on seats, peeling steering wheels, scratches on dashboards, etc. (Please refer to the examples below.)

 Total Repair FR's ability to repair the interior is based on our ability to think and work rationally and efficiently, and to respond flexibly depending on the damage, size, location, and other conditions of the damaged area. This is because otherwise, unnecessary work will be performed in a uniform manner and the customer will be burdened with unnecessary costs.

 Basically, the entire interior of the car is cured and masked to make sure it is completely safe before proceeding to the repair work. (For example, when restoring an entire seat, the entire seat must be removed from the car.) The curing process is very delicate and takes a lot of time, but it is essential for the safety of the customer's car.

Example of interior repair work

Features of automotive interior repair

Fast, reasonable price repair without reupholstering!

Disguise holes, tears, and chips!

We can repair sunburn and stains with excellent coloring!

We can repair leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic, and many other materials!

Eligible construction

Seats (leather, moquette): holes, tears, rips, abrasions, deterioration, discoloration, stains

 Dashboard: holes, abrasions, deterioration, discoloration, cracks 

Steering wheel: holes, abrasion, deterioration, discoloration

   Shift knob Holes, tears, abrasions, deterioration, discoloration

                                                                                    Interior lining Holes, tears, rips, abrasions, discoloration, cracks, fissures           

Ceiling, etc.: Drooping, discoloration

 Leather furniture such as sofas and small leather goods can also be repaired.


Message from the technician


 The first thing to keep in mind when repairing the interior is to protect the interior of the car. There should be no scratches or stains on areas other than the repaired area. Also, if the paint flies onto the untreated area, it may cause peeling later on. Therefore, careful curing is an important part of the process.

 Another important part of the repair process is careful cleaning.

 This is the key to a quality repair, and it is the key to maintaining the quality for a long time.

Aluminum wheel repair

Total Repair FR can repair scratches on aluminum wheels to the point where the scratches are no longer visible. (Please refer to the following examples)



From repairing genuine wheels to repairing hyper silver wheels to repairing diamond cut wheels, we follow precise processes and use precise techniques and senses to responsibly meet the needs of our customers.

This kind of painstaking work by our technicians enables us to provide high quality repairs. In terms of cost, repairs can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying a new car.


In addition to repairing, we also respond to requests for color change of wheels as part of dress-up.



This product is often used for genuine manufacturer's aluminum wheels.


 Repair fee (tax included)/¥9,000~


Hyper Silver

Silver with a strong luster, this aluminum wheel is often used on high-end imported cars and higher grade cars.


  Repair fee (tax included)/16,500~


Diamond Cut

The diamond-cut wheels used on luxury cars, both domestic and foreign, are specially treated to give them their colour.Diamond cut wheels can be repaired.

 Repair fee (tax included)/¥42,000~


Polished paint finish repair

Repair fee (tax included)/¥20,000~

What isPolished paint finish repair?


Diamond cut wheels are repaired using a special lathe to reproduce the iridescent hairlines.

 On the other hand, with the polished look coating, the scratch is repaired and then painted to look like a polished finish. The hairline does not appear on the repaired area, but if the scratch is not large, it will not look strange when viewed from a distance. This repair method is less time consuming and costly than the diamond cut process.


Only the rim part can be repairedThis aluminium wheel has been polished to a semi-mirror finish.

 Repair fee (tax included)/¥11,000~

Anodised aluminium

On anodised aluminium wheels, only the rim can be repaired.

 Repair fee (tax included)/¥11,000~

Distortion correction

It can repair warped aluminum wheels, regardless of whether they are on the front or back. (For safety reasons, we are not able to repair cracked wheels.)

Repair fee (tax included)/¥15,000

Wheels not applicable for installation

Plated type

Polished type (disc part)

Anodized type (disc part)

Replacing the ceiling fabric

Peeling and sagging ceilings are often seen in European cars. This is caused by the deterioration and melting of urethane and adhesives in the ceiling material due to Japan's four seasons of cold and warm weather and high humidity.

Our ceiling replacement is much faster and more inexpensive than a new replacement. You can also take this opportunity to change the color of the ceiling or have the ceiling insulated in preparation for the recent extreme heat, which will also contribute to a comfortable car life.

We will help you regain a comfortable car interior environment and enjoy driving safely.


 Thank you very much for taking the time to read our website today.

My name is Rondo Fukuda, and I am the representative of the company.

At Total Repair FR, we restore your car's aluminum wheels, restore the interior, and customize the interior and wheels.

We believe that this repair technique is especially useful for those who choose high quality products. 

 I believe that in Japan, people have always used things that were handcrafted by craftsmen with a lot of care and attention. In fact, it is a common practice all over the world to keep using high quality products in the best condition for a long time. For example, in other countries, people keep using custom-made leather shoes while repairing them.


 At Total Repair, we use delicate and reliable techniques researched at our world headquarters and "repair products" based on years of chemical research, which enable us to maintain the high quality of our customers' products and contribute to society by respecting the environment and goods. Therefore, not only individual customers but also companies can be pleased with our products.

 By the way, I have been good at precise work since I was a child, and I am confident in my manual sense. In addition, I am delighted to be able to help with the repair of many famous cars that I have admired since I was a child. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and I will take full responsibility.

TOTAL REPAIR FR Representative: Rondou Fukuda


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